Birthday Celebration in USA

birthdayHave you ever celebrated your birthday? Many people around the world have their own tradition on how to celebrate it. The birthday in USA is important for both children and adults. According to LASNews, birthday parties became mainstream in the United States sometime after WWII.

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Arc-de-Triomphe paris

Is one of the most popular monuments in paris and is one of the biggest gate in history. Arch built to commemorate the victory of Napoleon is located in the middle of the place Charles de Gaulle roundabout at the western end of the ChampsElysees paris.
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Warwick Castle “London”


Not cheap to get into Warwick Castle. To go around to all the places in the castle, including to the prison basement, one adult must pay up to 21 pounds.

For car parking only have to pay 6 pounds. This castle is known to be very commercial. But, it’s all covered by the beauty and grandeur of the castle which still keeps the ancient weapons including tables and equipment.
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The Beauty of Greece (Country of The Gods)


Traveling to Greece is not complete if you have not visited the Acropolis, a hill overlooking downtown Athens. At the top of the hill you can visit the temple that was used to worship the goddess Athena, the Parthenon temple. Although the splendor of the Acropolis can be enjoyed throughout the day, but it is always crowded tourist sites visited by tourists. Thus arose early in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the crowds. From the peak height of the Acropolis you can also enjoy the beauty of the city of Athens which lies beneath.

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