For the bloggers whose content smelling “pornography” to this day can not be installed Google Adsense, but do not worry there is still a good ad the service provider for specific Publisher or Advertiser adult blog, there are some services that promises no less substantial income with Google Adsense .

This time I will explore the most famous Advertising Service for Adult Blog is, service is the most widely used by Web or Blog famous around the world. basically function over the portal a meeting between the publisher advertises, before we purchased advertising space by the Advertiser ad space is filled by advertising themselves with PPC system, for a more detailed calculation can be studied in

If you have a site or blog good traffic possibilities the Advertiser will buy our advertising space, for its advertising space rental rates we can determine their own prices ranging from daily price, the price of weekly, monthly price.

registration on process is not so complicated and the verification process using your phone or headphone, after all the forms filled in correctly you will get a call from the admin for verification.

There are several kinds of income payment methods:
1. Wear Check
2. Through PayPal
3. Paxum
5. Wire (Western Union)
I suggest you use PayPal because the process is easy and fast and accurate, now it can be transferred via Debit or Credit

Once your account has been verified, you can become a publisher or advertiser, this time I will discuss any publisher account, the first time you log on the Manage My Ads menu tab and then find the Setup menu Website and Ads Zones.

1. First Time enter your website or blog in the menu Add Website
2. Web URL filled your blog URL
3. We filled in the name of your Blog Title
4. Website Description filled with a description of your Blog
5. Content Category filled with categories your Blog
6. Niche menu I think it’s obvious
7. Content Rating, filled with the type of ads will be shown in your blog, according to statistics most types under which many in click by visitors
8. After that just click the Add Website

Once completed there is a new menu that is to insert a new ad zone in your blog, the menus are very easy so please enter your liking as what ads will be displayed.