PopAds.Net is one of the highest-paying ad network and the fastest on the market with a special system in popunders CPM (Cost Per Million). PopAds.Net offers the industry’s highest rates and the best international coverage. The median income for 1000 of US unique visitors in a site we never publish the code under $ 4.00 USD! Additionally, PopAds.Net have advertisers to more than 40 countries including North America, South Asia, India, Western Europe and Australia.

Requirements website or blog as a publisher in PopAds.Net among others:

  1. All the websites that do not violate US law and Costa Rica accepted. The quality of your website will be automatically measured, so if the quality is not rated high enough, it will produce a lower level.
  2. If you have a site about loans or insurance, you will get a better price than if you have a “freebie” sites.

Payment Terms:

  1. The minimum payment is $ 5.
  2. Payments made by request.
  3. Payment takes 24 hours.
  4. Payment will be made through PayPal or AlertPay

That’s some explanation of what it If interested please register your blog to How to register to popads, read how to register PopAds.Net tutorial blog to learn more. - The Best Popunder Adnetwork