What is a Adf.ly?

ADFLY is a a free URL shortening service with a twist.. You can get paid to share your links on the Internet!Just register  for an account and start shrinking. You get paid for every person that visits your URLs.


Before LINK >> http://rizhentopic.com/2014/12/26/welcome-2015/

After shorten a link by adf.ly >> http://adf.ly/x7sSu

Place your links on Facebook, Twitter, forums, personal websites, social networking sites and make money from your links.

How does adf.ly work?

AdF.ly is an innovative service that Allows you to earn money from call now visitor to your shortened links. How this works is actually quite simple.

First, you shorten your links, and then you post them or send them to people as you usually would with any shortened link. Adf.ly handle the rest by showing an ad before the shortened link loads.

Each ad that is shown earns you money!

Adfly is similar to tinyurl.com and the bit.ly Reviews These sites let you shorten your URLs, but what makes adfly different is that they have included an ad twist, the which means that if anyone opens the shortened URL then a 5 second frame pops up displaying an ad. As the timing is only 5 seconds, most people are willing to compromise on this aspect in order to be Able to use this system.

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